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PostHeaderIcon Twin Pregnancy at Week 17 to Week 20

Twin Pregnancy at Week 17 to Week 20

Babies’ Growth in Utero

Kudos! All three of you are midway through your pregnancy. Each of your babies is recognizable as a tiny human now, and they are seven inches long, large enough for their movements to be perceptible.

Astoundingly, while still blind and deaf, they are not only aware of each other, but they are also producing their own fluid inside the amnion. The children’s maturation is almost finished (except for the lungs and brain), so all that remains is height and weight expansion.

Your babies now have:

• Fingerprints and fingernails
• Paper-thin skin
• Skeletal structure made up of only cartilage
• Furry covering called lanugo
• Functional extremities
• Rooting and sucking reflex (try lightly poking your tummy to feel it) teaches twins to breastfeed
• Breathing reflex and hiccups ‘teaches’ their bodies how to breathe outside air
• Beginnings of eyebrow and head hair
• More rapid torso than head growth

Mother’s Changes

If your pregnancy was a sweet secret, it can’t be kept any longer—your size will give you away. The good news is that you should be feeling fantastic—very energetic, and with a huge appetite.

Enjoy your pregnancy glow, but be aware that it’s not just about how thrilled you are at having twins. Since your blood flow has increased by 20% to nourish the babies, you will appear flushed. Your skin will be ultra sensitive. Be extra vigilant about using sun protection and hypoallergenic products at this time.

Your uterus needs to stretch twice as much as with a single birth. If you were unprepared for this much belly bulge, go ahead and take big clothes from your husband’s closet. You’ll need to schedule a shopping trip soon.

You may experience sharp pangs between your belly button and hip on one side or the other. This is called round ligament pain, and usually crops up while you are in motion. Caused by uterine expansion, this is a completely routine symptom, and should quickly abate by itself.

At the Obstetrician

You’ll receive results of previous tests. If you tested positive on your AFP, your doctor may recommend amniocentesis. When you have your ultrasound performed, you can see an extremely thin membrane separating the two babies.

Your doctor may want to discuss pregnancy weight gain with you. You should gain between 40 and 50 pounds total, depending on your frame and other factors. The nutrient ratio should be:

20% protein
40% carbohydrates
40% fat

You will want to consume between 2,700 and 3,500 daily calories to properly nourish your babies and prepare your body for the tasks again, such as breastfeeding.

Boy(s) or Girl(s)?

This is the right time to decide if you want to know the genders of your babies. Before blood and ultrasound tests, parents picked both a boy’s and a girl’s name, and had fun doing so. They created a neutral color nursery in green, yellow or white, and bought unisex clothing.

However, seventy percent of modern parents choose to find out before the birth. On the pro side:

• You will be able to prepare the nursery in the time-honored colors of pink or blue, if you wish

• You can buy appropriate baby clothes

• You can trumpet the news to various and sundry friends and relatives, so that they can buy baby gifts as far ahead as they wish

• You can keep the sex a secret just between the two of you if you prefer

• A couple can tell any existing children the exciting news about the combination of boys or girls inside mommy’s tummy

• You can pick the correct mix of boy and girl names

• Some experts believe that bonding with your children will be stronger in you know the genders

• You can plan a circumcision, if appropriate

Here are some advantages of waiting to find out your child’s gender:

• You’ll preserve the sense of mystery and excitement throughout the pregnancy, and be surprised when the babies finally arrive

• Gender confirmation testing can be costly. Further, if the babies are in awkward positions on the day of the ultrasound, the technician may not be able to make a determination

• You can have fun guessing and testing out folklore linked to a baby’s gender; e.g., if the mother is carrying low, it’s probably two boys

• If you have a preferred gender in mind, and the baby is the opposite, your disappointment may color the entire pregnancy

Feel free to leave your comments in this post. Share your experience, and perhaps a few pearls of wisdom, with other expectant moms.